The Company Flomenbom-BPS Ltd (registered, 2009; seed phase: 2007-2009)  develops solutions for problems in biophysics, biology, chemistry and physics with computational & mathematical tools, and theories in physics and chemistry,  and facts from biology. We also deal with interdisciplinary science, such as mathematical sociology, socio-econo-physics, etc, and scientific and general software development.

The main 3 current projects are:
(1) Opinions and governing, deciders and people
(2) Solving noise in two-state trajectories
(3) Creating software that solves clean two-state trajectories,
based on reduced dimensions forms, RDF,
(introduced in O. Flomenbom et al, PNAS 2006, PRE 2008).

* Additional projects include: Proteins’ dynamics; Networks’ development & dynamics; File dynamics (sometimes called, single file dynamics); dynamics and spreading of illnesses; generalizations of the Jarzynski’s equality; the Generalized Langevin equation and applications; paths’ PDFs in stochastic systems; resonant phenomenon in stochastic systems.
See in the main menu the Research tab, the Research Interests , the Research Highlights , and the Publications for further information.

We still look hiring scientists (with master, or PhD):
(a) Programmers with knowledge in physics
(b) Mathematical physicists that can code.
(c) Mathematical biophysicists.
Submit your CV at, flomenbo@flomenbom.net