PAPER 2023

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Energy for free in spark-gap grounding circuits

Ophir Flomenbom,

Flomenbom – BPS Ltd, 19 Louis marshal st.,

Tel aviv Israel, 62668.

Abstract We study spark-gap grounding electrical circuits and show that such circuits power is greater than the power required to operate the circuit. In the simplest form of such circuits, the coils are just branched transformers, each having just one wire connection to the main circuit, where the transformers are Tesla coils or pancake transformers or toroid transformers; Working also are circuits with multiple such transformers connected in series in the main circuit, or combinations of branched, parallel and series connected transformers.

The spark gap and grounding are essential. The device’s power, Wdevice, is proportional to the PSU power in 3/2, Wdevice ~ WPSU3/2. Resonance might increase the cultivated additional energy.

Utilizing the spin property of electrons, we explain that the additional energy is due to the decrease in the entropy of the combined system: 1, circuit + molecules in the spark gap, and 2, circuit + piece of metal in the grounding; this, in favor of the increase in the electromagnetic energy of the circuit just.

We develop such a free energy device that requires just 70 watt to operate yet can produce about 800+ watt.

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